Kamini to threaten Shakti in Ishqbaaz


Kamini and Shakti get into an argument over relation keeping. Shakti reminds her that relations never meant anything to her. Kamini returns Priyanka’s jewelry to him. Shakti checks the jewelry. He knows Kamini very well. He confronts her for changing real jewelry. She taunts him for swapping Shivay’s mum. She threatens him about telling Shivay the truth. Shakti requests her not to tell anything to Shivay. Pinky sees them together and sheds tears. Anika sees Pinky in pain.

Ranveer impresses Priyanka and promises her to give her world’s happiness. Anika and Pinky work out their plan. Pinky trusts Anika’s plan. She asks Anika to live her life in the last night in Oberoi mansion. Anika feels Pinky is disgusting. She tells Pinky that a mum can never hurt her son to hurt someone else. She realizes Pinky does not love Shivay. She confronts Pinky for taking such a step to ruin Shivay’s happiness. She feels sorry for Pinky, who could not become Shivay’s mum. She tells Pinky that Shivay will always stay in her heart, she will never lose Shivay anyhow. She asks Pinky to just think of Shivay’s happiness for once. She tells Pinky that Shivay is her pride, and Pinky is herself ruining own happiness. She requests Pinky not to take revenge from Shivay. She assures Pinky that she is leaving from Shivay’s life, so that Pinky can get some peace.


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