Gitanjali identifies real Abhimanyu in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai


Abhimanyu and Aditya are twin brothers. Gitanjali is confused between their identities. She has to find out who is Abhimanyu and who is Aditya. Abhimanyu and Aditya argue and confront each other. Aditya tells Abhimanyu that he did not get his rights because of him. They both have a fight. Aditya tries to win Gitanjali’s trust and lies that he is Abhimanyu. She slaps Aditya and says I know you are not my Abhimanyu. She hugs Abhimanyu. She says Abhimanyu can’t hurt me, Abhimanyu loved me, I know he can never hurt my emotions and love. Abhimanyu thanks Gitanjali in believing in him.

Rajveer cries his heart out in front of Kavya. Kavya hugs Rajveer and consoles her. Kavya tells him that Gitanjali loves Abhimanyu and she can never become Rajveer’s. She asks Rajveer to forget Gitanjali and move on. Kavya says many lives have gone in this game, and many more lives will go, just Gitanjali will be responsible for this. Kavya asks Rajveer to accept her love and marry her.



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