Rudra and Bhavya get threatened in Dil Boley Oberoi


Bhavya gets emotional and cries. Rudra cheers her up. Rudra and Bhavya have some romantic moments. Rudra goes to cook for Bhavya. A stranger enters the house to keep a parcel for Rudra. Rudra cooks the food, which Bhavya likes a lot. She finishes the food. He wonders how did she eat so much money and burns out calories. Bhavya and Rudra get a shock seeing the fire in the room. They see mannequins burning. Bhavya and Rudra realize the stranger who came to deliver milk has done this. They get threatened by the gangster. Bhavya tries to investigate the matter. Bhavya follows the man. They realize the gangster is taking revenge from them.

Meanwhile, Gauri decides to leave from Omkara’s life. Gauri hides her tears from Omkara, though he understands her sorrow. Gauri refuses to take any help from Omkara. Omkara thanks her for all the help. Buamaa stops Gauri from leaving. Buamaa reminds Omkara and Gauri about the puja. She asks Gauri to go for puja with Bhavya. Gauri does not know why she always stays back in the house by some reason. Buamaaa explains the importance of puja to Gauri and Bhavya. Omkara feels happy that Gauri stayed back.


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