Omkara compelled by Buamaa’s request in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara apologizes to Buamaa. He tells her that he did not burn those toys. Buamaa says it was Ratan’s memories. Omkara pacifies her. Gauri gets to see the skeleton inside the trunk. She hurriedly runs to Omkara to tell him the truth. Omkara tells Gauri that Buamaa tried to commit suicide. Buamaa makes them emotional. She asks Omkara to remarry Gauri in her presence, so that she could also feel like her son is marrying. Omkara agrees to her request. He tells Buamaa that he will marry Gauri again. Buamaa’s plan works.

Buamaa calls Omkara as her Ratan. Gauri thinks why did Omkara agree for marriage if he is not happy. Omkara tells Gauri that Buamaa wants us to marry. He asks her to help him for Buamaa’s sake. Gauri does not know what Buamaa is wishing from their marriage. She loves Omkara and is helpless to hide the truth. She feels Omkara loves Buamaa a lot and is indebted to her. Gauri returns all the costly things to Omkara, while he asks her to keep it. She refuses to keep anything on which she does have a right. Omkara tries helping her. Buamaa does not let Gauri leave from the house.

Rudra gets threatened by the gangster. He tries to keep Bhavya away. Bhavya gets the threatening note. Rudra asks her not to worry. She realizes her plan to catch the gangster’s attention has succeeded. Rudra hides the matter from Jhanvi. Bhavya likes Rudra’s room and thanks Jhanvi. Jhanvi likes Bhavya. Rudra comes to his room and sees Bhavya. She gets hurt. Bhavya cares for her. They have a cute moment.


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