An alliance for Gayu brings happiness in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: Samarth's revenge ends; Gayu returns

Naira’s dance practice goes on well. Naira falls down and gets hurt. Kartik comes there and gets to see Naira’s foot injury. He asks Kiran did he go mad. Kiran blames Kartik and says you came home and she turned to see you, its your mistake. Kartik scolds Kiran for this and takes Naira to the room. Naira explains Kartik that it was not Kiran’s mistake. Kartik and Kiran get into an argument. Naira stops them. Kartik tells everyone that he will take Naira to doctor. Kiran becomes the doctor himself. Kiran twists Naira’s foot and makes her fine. Kartik gets jealous seeing Kiran and Naira resuming the rehearsals.

Meanwhile, Gayu gets a proposal. Naksh and Naira tease Gayu. Naira dances as the guy. She fixes fake moustache and pulls Gayu’s leg. Naksh and Naira are happy that Gayu would be meeting her prospective groom. They have a good time. Kartik’s Dadi has sent the alliance for Gayu. Naksh and Naira believe that alliance has to good for Gayu, as Dadi has recommended the guy. Naksh and Naira make Gayu wear the shagun chunri and get emotional, giving her blessings. Gayu loved Kartik before. She is confused about moving on. She does not know what to do. She gets upset. Naksh and Naira encourage Gayu to move on.


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