A win-win situation for Sameera in Saathiya


Sameera trapped Kokila and Gopi in domestic violence case. Police comes to Modi bhavan and arrests Kokila and Gopi. Gopi says it’s all false, Sameera is lying, we are innocent. Kokila says everyone knows our family, we can’t bear torture of any woman, how can we torture our own bahu. Sameera sheds tears to gain sympathy. Kokila and Gopi try explaining that Sameera is a fraud. Jaggi worries and tells Kokila and Gopi that he will come to police station and get the bail. Sameera’s brother Pinku says its important that Kokila and Gopi stay in jail so that Sameera stays alive. Jaggi asks Pinku to just shut up, and prove his words if he has some evidence.

Kokila and Gopi believe in law, and are sure they will be proved innocent. Pinku shows the video in which someone appearing like Kokila is attacking Sameera. Kokila says its all fake, nothing is proved by this video, my face is not seen in the video. Pinku proves that Sameera is tortured much by Modis. Pinku and Sameera’s plan comes out in front of Kokila. Ricky’s Daima has taken Kokila’s avatar and framed Kokila in the false case. Pinku tells Sameera that they have fooled Ricky as well. Sameera says we made this plan to send them to jail.

Ricky apologizes to Sameera and says I did not know my family is so heartless. He is concerned for Sameera, whose hand got burnt. Jaggi comes home worried and tells Urmila that he failed to bail out Kokila and Gopi. He gets angry on Pinku and beats him up. The family stops Jaggi from losing his control. Jaggi will save Kokila and Gopi definitely. Sameera warns Jaggi that he is the next on her list. She asks him to kill Pinku and then she will send him to jail. Will Jaggi succeed to prove Kokila and Gopi’s innocence? Keep reading.


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