Neil and Avni willingly make a fresh start in Naamkarann


Avni feels Neil’s genuine goodness. Avni and Neil have a moment, where she shares her pain with him. She is glad to get his support. Neil consoles Avni. He asks her to pretend as his wife, till they succeed in their motives. He encourages Avni towards their aim. He asks her to believe in him, and just do as he says. Avni agrees to Neil. Bebe gets disappointed with Prakash for hiding about Neil and Avni’s marriage truth. Bebe tells Shweta that Lord has punished Shweta this way. Bebe does not want to accept Avni. Avni sweetly apologizes to Bebe. She tells the reason why she has got late. Bebe does not want to melt by Neil’s words as well. Shweta too refuses to welcome Avni. Prakash welcomes Neil and Avni home.

Ketan tells Dayavanti the entire plan of Ananya. They understand that Ananya is Avni. Diksha and Ketan tell how she has come back in their lives. Dayavanti finds it hard to believe this. She thinks to find out the girl about whom Neil is announcing in media. Avni apologizes to Neela. Neela asks Avni to keep her marriage with Neil, as he is a nice guy.

Prakash asks Neil to keep his marriage with Avni, Neela and Prakash explain the importance of marriage to Neil and Avni. Neil buys some time from Avni to continue the drama for Bebe’s sake. Avni takes a stand for Shweta and faces Bebe’s anger. Avni thinks to thank Neil for his support. Dayavanti and Diksha come to meet Neil. They apologize to Neil and try to know Avni’s truth. Neil tells Dayavanti that Avni does not want to meet her. Diksha and Ketan try to find Avni. Neil finds Ketan spying in his house. Bebe does Avni’s shuddi karan and makes Avni do the puja. She makes Avni keep the fast to see her devotion towards her relation.


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