Sita to compete with Sameera in Saathiya…


Sameera and Pinku do power yoga early morning and play loud music to trouble everyone. Sameera is trying to control the house. Everyone comes out hearing the music. Urmila asks Sameera to go out and do yoga. Sameera taunts them that they are illiterate and don’t know anything. Sita tells Sameera what’s yoga and its roots. Sita argues with Sameera. Sita teaches a lesson to Sameera. Everyone clap for Sita.

Sita asks Sameera to first earn knowledge and then taunt others. Everyone makes plan to fail Sameera in her style. They think who will become modern girl to participate in the beauty contest. Jaggi asks Sita to go for the contest. Sita does not want to participate in any beauty contest. Jaggi and Urmila convince Sita to participate. Sita worriedly agrees. Jaggi assures their support to Sita. Everyone try to give a modern look to Sita. They get all the costumes and accessories, and try to do Sita’s makeover. Sita will be competing with Sameera in the beauty contest.


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