Rudra to rescue Bhavya in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara misunderstands Gauri when she returns home to save his life. Buamaa asks Omkara was he joking about Gauri. Buamaa tells them to get remarried. Gauri does not know Buamaa’s plan. She thinks of finding Buamaa’s plan. Rudra gets blackmailed about Bhavya. The kidnappers ask Rudra to save Bhavya if he can. Bhavya shouts to Rudra to stop him. The goons want to kill Rudra and Bhavya. Rudra decides to come there and take the risk to save Bhavya’s life. Bhavya does not want Rudra to come.

Buamaa asks Gauri if she has any problem to remarry Omkara. Gauri is ready to take the wedding rounds again. Omkara takes angry with Gauri’s decision. The kidnappers fix the bomb to Bhavya. She feels her last time getting close and thinks of her family. Gauri plans to solve Buamaa’s mystery. Omkara reprimands Gauri for her drama. He asks her why did she not take the price for her help, why did she show her great self-esteem. He asks Gauri not to fool him anymore. He claims to know Gauri’s intentions. He judges her wrong. Gauri tells him that she has come for his sake.

Omkara asks her to get out of his life. Rudra reaches Bhavya. She warns him to leave, else they both will get killed by the bomb. Rudra does not deter. He tries to defuse the bomb. Buamaa stops Omkara. Gauri calls the marriage officers to put pressure on Omkara. Omkara fails to make Gauri leave. Bhavya asks Rudra not to take the chance. Rudra asks her to be positive. Rudra defuses the bomb and saves Bhavya. Bhavya falls for him.


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