Anjali to lose her memory in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali gets late in reaching the temple. She sees Vikram and Tanvi married. She gets heartbroken and leaves. She meets with an accident. Anjali loses her memory. Vikram feels guilty for her state. He seeks Simar’s permission to take Anjali home with him. Anjali and Vikram have a bond like before. Tanvi gets angry seeing Anjali. Tanvi’s first rasoi happens. Anjali intentionally spoils her sweets made by Tanvi. Tanvi realizes Anjali has done this to make her rasam inauspicious. She calls a doctor for Anjali’s shock treatment to know if Anjali really lost her memory or not.

Meanwhile, Ananya finds her bag torn. Pari blames Roshni for it. Simar and Piyush defend Roshni. Mata ji asks Roshni and Ananya to perform a puja. Both of them make different prasads for the puja.

Pari tries to blame Simar for cutting Ananya’s bag while Mataji decides to have a puja for both her daughters-in-law to perform. Ananya gets angry when she finds the food made by her is spoilt by someone. She doubts Roshni and slaps her. They end up arguing and break the house peace. Mata ji makes Ananya apologize to Roshni. A thief lands in Bharadwaj house.


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