Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Dil Se Dil Tak and Swabhimaan:
Dil Se Dil Tak and Swabhimaan will have a Maha Sangam episode. Teni’s life falls in danger. Karan saves her from getting hit by a car. Karan touches Teni to save her, and realizes Teni did not get his allergy. Karan finds it a good sign. Teni asks him why is he reacting odd. He tells her about his allergy. Teni asks him what is he saying and holds him. Teni asks him not to have any such nonsense in his mind. She encourages him to find the truth rather than blindly believing anyone. Teni scolds the cab driver for driving badly. She then offers lift to Karan.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Its’ Tanvi’s first day in her Sasural. She gets the halwa for everyone. Tai ji is happily guiding her. She encourages Tanvi and accepts her as her bahu. She asks Tanvi not to get afraid of Anjali, and know her rights being Vikram’s legally wedded wife. Anjali acts childish and asks for halwa. Vikram goes to feed sweets to Tanvi. Anjali eats sweets by his hand and laughs. Tai ji scolds Anjali for spoiling the rasam. Vikram takes care of Anjali. He asks Tanvi to realize Anjali’s mental state and not react badly. Anjali plays with ball. She hits the tv with the ball and troubles Tai ji. Tai ji scolds Anjali.

Mohan sees Devanshi and shouts, saying Devanshi’s ghost has come. Devanshi’s entry shocks everyone. Vardaan holds Devanshi’s hand to know if she is really Devanshi. Devanshi shouts on him and asks him to stay back. She tells them that she is Kalki, not any Devanshi. Nutan verifies Kalki’s identity by checking if she has same birth mark as Devanshi. Devanshi does not get scared of any test. Nutan checks Devanshi and tells everyone that Kalki does not have any such mark. Devanshi fools everyone.

Suraj and his friends have a fun time. Chakor gets bored by their talk. His friends insist him to come in the party. Chakor thinks to attend the party. She asks Suraj to come. His friends tell him that after Chakor’s saying, Suraj has to agree now. Suraj does not want to go in any re union party in such tired state. He says we will go home, change clothes, get freshen up and come. Chakor asks Suraj does he not want to take her along, why is he avoiding her, is there anything he is hiding. Suraj says its nothing. He does not want his college secrets to come out. Chakor forces him to come. Suraj and Chakor get ready for the masquerade party. They compliment each other. The party will bring new twists.


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