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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya get freed from the goons. Abhi fixes the car and leaves with Pragya. Pragya talks romantic, which makes Abhi too happy. Abhi turns into Pragya’s superhero again. She thanks him for saving her and keeping his promise. She tells Abhi that she is not scared of death, but she wants to live every single moment of her life with Abhi. She is glad that Abhi is with her. She does not want to get away from him. Abhi and Pragya have a romantic moment in the car. Abhi loses the sight of the road and hits the car to some tree. Abhi and Pragya meet with an accident and faint inside the car.

Rangeela says I have saved Shivani for humanity as I have got her here in this horrible place. He does not want any women to face the tortures. He says no woman will be punished now, bride will come in palanquin, not in any sack. Rangeela swears that now every woman in Berahampur will get respect. He will take a step to change Berahampur.

Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha has framed Kakasa in dowry case. Aditya gets worried and tries to get his family freed. Jhanvi has turned helpful towards Aditya’s family again. Jhanvi relieves Aditya’s stress. He thanks her for the support. He asks her to stay at home with Babasa. Jhanvi finds out that kerosene oil is not used in Aditya’s house for any household purpose. She figures out Nisha has bought the kerosene herself and framed Aditya’s family.


Virendra gets bitten by a scorpion. Virendra tells Chandrakanta that he has heard about the temple, where the scorpion’s soul is caught by some tantrik. Virendra is attacked and his life fell in danger. He asks her to take her to the Shiv temple. Chandrakanta asks him to get up and come with her to the temple. She takes him to the tantrik and asks him to save Virendra, a poisonous scorpion has bitten him. She requests him to save Virendra’s life, the poison is spreading inside his body. Virendra lies on the stairs.


Devanshi’s avatar has changed. She has become Kalki, who has stolen the temple idol and demanded a ransom from Vardaan. Kalki then buys the haveli from Kusum Sundari. She maintains she is the rich girl Kalki, not any villager Devanshi. Kusum Sundari believes her new identity. Devanshi asks Kusum Sundari to clean her room and make it suitable for her stay. She has come back home and no one doubts on her. Kusum Sundari wants money and is ready to do anything.


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