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Sasural Simar Ka: Anjali gets late in reaching the temple. She sees Vikram and Tanvi married. She gets heartbroken and leaves. She meets with an accident. Anjali loses her memory. Vikram feels guilty for her state. He seeks Simar’s permission to take Anjali home with him. Anjali and Vikram have a bond like before. Tanvi gets angry seeing Anjali. Tanvi’s first rasoi happens. Anjali intentionally spoils her sweets made by Tanvi. Tanvi realizes Anjali has done this to make her rasam inauspicious. She calls a doctor for Anjali’s shock treatment to know if Anjali really lost her memory or not.

Love Ka Hai Intezaar:

Vijaylaxmi does not share her exact plan with Rana. She plans to blackmail Madhav by using his weakness Madhavi. She knows Madhav loves Kamini a lot, but Madhavi is his life. Madhav can’t imagine life without his daughter. Vijaylaxmi and Rana plan to frame Kamini in IT fraud. Rana takes help from top officials and creates havoc for Kamini. They inform the income tax officials about her Mumbai house which is bought by Madhav. Madhav gifts the house to Kamini. He gets the registration papers in Rajgarh.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Lovely tries to separate Vasu and Tina. She does not want Tina to believe Vasundara. A man comes to Pandey house who identifies Lovely. Balwinder does not believe him. He slaps the man when he says Lovely is a bar dancer. Aryan gets a doubt and visits the bar. Lovely performs there. Aryan tries to expose her. He sees her performance and unmasks her. Lovely runs away. Aryan comes home and gets a shock to find Lovely already present. Lovely gets a good opportunity to hide from everyone and leave from home. She goes to meet Thapki, whom she has kept captive till now.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Suwarna asks Naira to leave for competition early. Naira takes the responsibility of preparing food for the last day of MahaBhoj. Dadi tells the Brahmans that they will surely like the food made by Naira. She says Naira has done all preparations well. Naira greets the Brahmans. She gets to see the food burnt and worries as she has to leave for the dance competition in some time. Kartik asks Naira to get ready fast, she already got late. Kartik and Naira get worried by the problem.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev and Sonakshi’s life is coming on track. Dev proposes Sonakshi and confesses his love to her. Sonakshi and Dev have a special romantic moment in the rain. Dev asks Sonakshi to say what he wants to say. Sonakshi accepts she loves Dev too. They both confess love and have a hug.


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