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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Rani was getting crowned. Everyone assume Raj has died. Raj comes home and gives happiness to everyone. He tells them that Vasundara has saved his life, when he met with an accident. Everyone hug him Raj and is very happy. Rani asks him about his hand burn. Raj has lost his memory. He tells Rani that he does not remember anything. Rani returns the Pagdi to Raj and asks him to sit on the throne. Vasundara comes them and spoils their mood. Vasundara has planned all this and got Raj’s lookalike Shera in the place. The lookalike crowns Vasundara and makes her sit on throne, which upsets Rani. Will Rani find out Vasundara’s plan?

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja has fallen in love with Naren. She sings out her emotions to Naren. Pooja dreams of Naren. She dances with Naren’s mum happily. Pooja is seeing Naren everywhere. Finally, she wants to express her feelings. Naren and his dad started bonding. Everyone dance along and celebrate happiness. Pooja gets a moment. Naren’s dad’s friend and his daughter Surbhi make an entry. Naren and Surbhi are childhood friends. Pooja gets jealous seeing their friendship.

Jaat Ki Jugni:
Bittu and Suman dance in Jyoti’s mehendi function. Munni gets jealous seeing Bittu and Suman. Bittu wants Munni to realize her love. Suman has to separate Bittu and Munni. She finds Munni avoiding Bittu. She cheers up Bittu and dances him for the dance. Bittu also shows Munni that he is not affected by her rejection.

Maya begs Arjun to stop Samay from marrying Saanjh, else Samay will kill Saanjh. She alerts Arjun about Saanjh. Arjun calls up Saanjh and tells her about Samay. Arjun is keen to save Saanjh.

Veer ties up Shivani. He hands petrol boxes over her and keeps diya under the table. Maldawali slaps Shivani. Veer says if Rangeela has courage, he will enter this haveli then I will punish him. Veer fixes the diyas and gives an hour time to Rangeela. Rangeela reaches there. Rangeela enters the haveli by climbing the hall. Veer wants to see how Rangeela saves Shivani this time.


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