Jhanvi turns savior for Jindal family in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha has framed Kakasa in dowry case. Aditya gets worried and tries to get his family freed. Jhanvi has turned helpful towards Aditya’s family again. Jhanvi relieves Aditya’s stress. He thanks her for the support. He asks her to stay at home with Babasa. Jhanvi finds out that kerosene oil is not used in Aditya’s house for any household purpose. She figures out Nisha has bought the kerosene herself and framed Aditya’s family.

Nisha kept the money in Kakasa’s cupboard to accuse him. Jhanvi tells Nisha that truth is enough to clear all the web of lies. Nisha challenges Jhanvi to prove the truth is she can. She is happy to send Jindal family to jail for the dowry case. Jhanvi proves Nisha has planned everything against the family. She saves Aditya’s family from trouble. Babasa blesses Jhanvi and tells her that she has done such a thing, which a bahu does. Nisha gets angry seeing this. Babasa asks Aditya to think of his life and future with Jhanvi. He sees an ideal bahu in Jhanvi. Babasa encourages Aditya to begin a new life with Jhanvi. Aditya gets stunned.


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