Kartik’s move troubles Naira in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH Shocking Kartik to race against time

Naira reaches the dance centre to perform for the competition. Kartik comes there to spend time with Naira and support her. Kiran comes in between them. Kartik wanted to take Naira for tea. Kiran joins them. Kartik gets angry and locks Kiran in the room. Kartik makes Naira fall in problem. Naira gets locked inside the room instead Kiran. He thinks to free Kiran once Naira and he come back. Naira gets tensed seeing the fire by short-circuit. She shouts to Kartik to help her. Kartik opens the door and saves her. Kartik apologizes to Naira and tells her that he has locked Kiran inside being angry with him.

Kartik speaks up his annoyance. He is jealous of Kiran. He asks Naira why does Kiran send her messages late night, why does he always touch her while dancing. Naira asks him not to think in any wrong direction. Kartik says its fine he is your friend, but I can’t tolerate all this.

Naira feels bad by Kartik’s thinking. She gets a shock knowing his jealousy. She tells him not to bring anyone between them. She tells him that she loves Kartik only. She asks him not to think anything stupid again. Kartik feels guilty and did not know anyone can fall in such problem by his doing. Kartik did all this in jealousy, but he realizes his mistake. Kartik wants Naira and Kiran to dance together and win the competition. He wishes her all the best.


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