Rudra wins Bhavya’s trust in Dil Boley Oberoi


Rudra fights with the goons and saves Bhavya’s life. Marriage officers build up pressure on Omkara again. Gauri gets a chance to stay back at home again. Omkara and Gauri act like a loving couple again. Buamaa is thankful to Gauri for saving Omkara. Gauri tries to know Buamaa’s secret. Rudra witnesses another murder shockingly. Bhavya fears for Rudra’s life. She does not let him go. Gauri realizes Buamaa had hired the marriage officers to scare Omkara and keep him united with her. Gauri wants to know why Buamaa is uniting Omkara and her desperately.

Omkara apologizes to Gauri. He thinks Gauri has come back to help him again. Omkara feels happy to have someone like Gauri by his side. He asks her why does she always help him. Gauri is devoted to Omkara. Rudra does not want to leave Bhavya alone. He promises to always support her. Gauri too promises Omkara to always support him. Buamaa asks Omkara to marry Gauri on the mahurat she got. Gauri does not understand Buamaa’s mixed expressions. Gauri looks for Buamaa. Buamaa sees Gauri spying on her. Buamaa asks Gauri why is she after her.

Gauri lies that she was just helping her. Buamaa asks Gauri to focus on her married life. She tells her to impress Omkara by good food. Gauri tries to discuss with Omkara about Buamaa’s wish. Omkara tells her that he can’t understand his bond with Buamaa. He does not listen to her. He feels his fate is related to Gauri, so she is never out of his life.


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