Sana Amin Sheikh to enter Naamkarann


Sana Amin Sheikh will be entering Naamkarann as the new Avni. The new girl is planted by Neil to find Dayavanti’s plan. Neil has promised Neela that he will be exposing Dayavanti within a week time. Neil has seen Dayavanti’s true face. Dayavanti is keen to know about Avni, who is in Neil’s custody. Amol kidnaps her on her arrival. He informs Dayavanti that he has done the work. Dayavanti and Diksha reach the godown to see her.

Dayavanti gets angry on the new Avni. She asks her to leave Avni Aisha’s identity, then she will leave her. The girl admits that she is Ananya, not any Avni. She requests them to leave her. She does not know Dayavanti. She thinks maybe Neela has sent them. Dayavanti threatens her and asks the girl to declare that she is just Ananya Verma, not Avni Aisha. The girl is actually acting as a bar dancer. Her real motives to trick Dayavanti will be known.


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