Shagun to rescue Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Aaliya is upset over Raman’s behavior. Adi comes home after knowing the problems. Aaliya does not know what she is failing to live up to everyone’s expectations. Adi consoles Aaliya over the drugs case matter. Aaliya asks Adi not to spoil his work because of her. Adi meets the client and tells about the real culprit getting caught by police. Adi clears Raman’s name from the matter. Adi answers the client well. Adi learns about Raman’s new project. Adi asks Raman how could he affect his ongoing project this way. They get into an argument. Raman tells Adi that new project won’t affect Adi’s current project. Adi asks him to share things. Raman blames Aaliya to create a disturbance in their lives. Adi does not want to hear anything against Aaliya.

Ishita asks Aaliya to make friends by judging them well. She tells the consequences of the drugs case matter. She suggests Aaliya to be careful while making friends. A guy tries to kidnap Ishita to take revenge and get his girlfriends freed from the drugs case. Shagun comes and saves Ishita in nick of time. Shagun gets to know the complete matter. Ishita tells Raman about Aaliya’s friend’s lover trying to take revenge from her. Raman blames Aaliya for this incident. He yells on Aaliya for all the misfortunes happening.

Shagun does not take Raman’s rude behavior. She defends Aaliya. Ishita asks Shagun not to argue with Raman and end the matter. Shagun does not want to tolerate Aaliya’s insult. Aaliya asks Shagun to calm down and forget it. Raman apologizes to Aaliya. Aaliya too settles the matter. Adi gets glad seeing the way Aaliya handled the matter maturely. Aaliya solves Raman and Shagun’s fight. Raman does not want Adi and Aaliya’s happiness to get less. He apologizes to Adi too. He tells how the day went bad and spoiled his mood. Raman thanks Aaliya for making presentation for his new project. They have a happy moment. Ishita likes Raman’s positive change.


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