Bitter revelation to shock Munni in Jaat Ki Jugni


Bittu planned to add a herb in the juice and tried to make Bau ji and Bhabhimaa’s relation better. Bittu asks her to help him and execute the plan in the sangeet function. Munni asks Bittu does this really work out. Bittu guarantees her that his plan will not fail. Bhabhimaa always loved Munni. Munni got to know a truth, by which she has shattered.

Bhabhimaa angrily tells Phoolkumari that she is childless till now, Munni is the reason for this. Munni hears Bhabhimaa’s bitter words. The conversation hurts Munni’s heart. Bhabhimaa says the day I got married and came here, I just took care of Munni, everyone is mad about Munni, I was tied by her responsibility, I also had dreams to have a child, I have done a drama to love her as a daughter, I m fed up now, I hate Munni, I would have loved my child if I had now, but I could not love Munni, I could not become a mother because of Munni. Munni gets a shock.


Phoolkumari tells Bhabhimaa that she has no problem with lovers, if Bittu loves someone else, but she has a problem with Munni, she is unlucky, the day she came in Bittu’s life, he is facing problems. Suman looks for Bittu. She does not know where did Bittu go. She tries to impress Bittu on Phoolkumari’s saying. Phoolkumari asks Suman to keep Bittu busy. Munni learns the entire truth. How will Munni handle Bhabhimaa’s hatred? Keep reading.


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