Samay to kidnap Maya in Beyhadh


Saanjh is stuck in problems by Maya and Samay’s fight. Saanjh sheds tears. She did not know she will face such things because of Maya. She fears for her brother Shubh’s life. She hopes Arjun supports her this time. Arjun starts losing trust on Maya. While Arjun goes to help Saanjh, Samay lands home. Samay misbehaves with Maya. He tells Maya that he is worshiping her since eight years. He asks her to understand he will not leave her. He dips her hand in hot tea and tortures her. Maya gets slapped by him.

Samay has come to her house with his marriage proposal. He forcibly makes Maya prepare the tea for him. Maya tries to get away from him. He throws her phone and ties her up. He tells her that he will kill Arjun and then she will cry for him. She asks him to better come along and not waste his time. Maya refuses to go with him. Maya’s crazy lover turns torturing. Samay says you, your child and I will go somewhere away to make our small beautiful world. Samay kidnaps Maya.


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