Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

The people angrily beat up the kinner on the road. The kinner runs, but gets badly wounded. They don’t want kinners in the society. Harman comes to rescue the kinner and asks what’s her crime. The people say her crime is that she is a kinner. Harman holds the kinner, while someone shoots the kinner. Harman shouts you all have killed her. The people are glad to relieve the society from one kinner. The angry mob wants to exclude kinners from the society. Harman sees the kinner dead and imagines Soumya in his lap instead her. Harman thinks even Soumya is a kinner, even she will be targeted by them. He fears for Soumya’s life. Harman will stand by Soumya against all odds. How will Harman hide the fact that Soumya is a kinner?

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Chakor attends Suraj’s college re-union party to know his old secrets. She takes a modern avatar. Suraj and Chakor look lovely. A girl hugs Suraj and reminds Suraj of their college days. Chakor wants to know about his past. She gets to know Suraj had many girlfriends in college. The girl feeds wine to Suraj. The girls do not let Suraj go. Suraj dances with the girls. The girls flirt with Suraj.

Savitri Devi:

Sanchi gets troubled by the goons. Veer tries to help her. Veer and Sanchi hide in the garage. The garage owner sees them and asks are they thieves. Sanchi says we are not thieves. Veer says we did not get a place to romance. The man scolds them for spoiling the generation. He asks them not just leave. Veer asks him not to high his BP and cool down. Veer and Sanchi leave.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar is blamed by Pari. The servant tells everyone that he has seen Simar with the scissors. Pari says Simar has cut Ananya’s bag. Simar tells them that its some misunderstanding. Pari lies that Simar came to her room and kept thee scissors back. The drama to find the culprit goes on. Simar explains the complete situation to Pari. Pari has done all this to make Simar fall in family’s side. She has paid the servant to lie. Mata ji believes Simar. Pari says everyone knows Simar well. Mata ji asks everyone to just stop arguments. She says I know what is everyone’s limits and talents in this house. She tells Pari that Simar can never do this.


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