Devanshi validates her new identity


Kusum Sundari sees the chaos at home. Devanshi’s entry as Kalki gave jitters to everyone. Mohan screams of ghost and runs to Kusum Sundari. Devanshi’s new look and identity then turns believable for them. Vardaan holds Devanshi’s hand to know if she is really Devanshi. Devanshi shouts on him and asks him to stay back. She tells them that she is Kalki, not any Devanshi. Nutan and Mohan say you are Devanshi and can’t fool us. Everyone feel she is Devanshi’s spirit.

Mohan argues with her. He says we will check the mark on her back. Devanshi slaps Mohan. Vardaan stops Mohan from touching her. Nutan and Menka forcibly take Devanshi and check her. Devanshi came well prepared and does not want any risk. Kusum Sundari thinks to clear her doubt. She takes Devanshi to her room and says I got this room cleaned just for you. Devanshi throws money on her face and asks her to keep it as tip. She orders coffee. Kusum Sundari puts her senses and weapons down, after seeing money. Devanshi’s first step succeeded. She made a smooth entry home and convinced everyone that she is Kalki. What will be Devanshi’s new step now? Keep reading.


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