Dil Se Dil Tak and Swabhimaan to have an integration


Dil Se Dil Tak and Swabhimaan will have a Maha Sangam episode. Teni tries to get a cab. She stands in middle of the road. Karan is also on the way, going to meet Naina. He sees Teni. Teni’s life falls in danger. Karan saves her from getting hit by a car. Karan touches Teni to save her, and realizes Teni did not get his allergy. Karan finds it a good sign. Teni asks him why is he reacting odd. He tells her about his allergy. Teni asks him what is he saying and holds him.

Teni asks him not to have any such nonsense in his mind. She encourages him to find the truth rather than blindly believing anyone. Naina comes there and sees Karan and Teni. Teni calls him a hero to save her in time. Karan’s confidence gets high. Teni scolds the cab driver for driving badly. He finds her strong. She then offers lift to Karan. Karan leaves with Teni. Mami calls Naina and asks her not to come home. Nirmala sees Naina sad and calls back Mami. She taunts Mami that she is Naina’s Saas and knows how to take care of her. Naina is happy seeing Nirmala’s confidence.


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