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Beyhadh: Saanjh is stuck in problems by Maya and Samay’s fight. Saanjh sheds tears. She did not know she will face such things because of Maya. She fears for her brother Shubh’s life. She hopes Arjun supports her this time. Arjun starts losing trust on Maya. While Arjun goes to help Saanjh, Samay lands home. Samay misbehaves with Maya. He tells Maya that he is worshiping her since eight years. He asks her to understand he will not leave her. He dips her hand in hot tea and tortures her. Maya gets slapped by him.


Rangeela’s friend Balam gives a good news to him. Balam is becoming a father and shares the news with Rangeela and Shivani. Rangeela gets Maldawali’s call. She spoils all the happiness. She flirts with Rangeela. She apologizes that she could not meet him since much time. He gets angry and asks her to stop nonsense. She asks why did she call him. She asks him to scold more. She informs him about Veer getting an innocent girl forcibly. He thanks Maldawali for the news. Shivani gets jealous seeing Rangeela talking to Maldawali.

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Jaat Ki Jugni:

Bittu planned to add a herb in the juice and tried to make Bau ji and Bhabhimaa’s relation better. Bittu asks her to help him and execute the plan in the sangeet function. Munni asks Bittu does this really work out. Bittu guarantees her that his plan will not fail. Bhabhimaa always loved Munni. Munni got to know a truth, by which she has shattered. Bhabhimaa angrily tells Phoolkumari that she is childless till now, Munni is the reason for this. Munni hears Bhabhimaa’s bitter words.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rani gets to know Raj is fake and planted by Vasundara. Rani kidnaps Shera/Raj inside the box and starts poisonous gas inside the box. She asks him to tell truth seeing his death close. She asks him some questions to know if he is really Raj. Raj answers her right. Rani gets him out of the box and saves him. She asks him how did he meet with an accident. She asks him the reason for helping Vasundara. Raj tells her that he knows a secret related to her mom. Rani cries and worries for her mom. Raj assures her that he will find his mom any way. Rani hugs Raj.

Mami calls Naina and asks her not to come home. Nirmala sees Naina sad and calls back Mami. She taunts Mami that she is Naina’s Saas and knows how to take care of her. Naina is happy seeing Nirmala’s confidence.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja writes a love letter and goes to give it to Naren. Surbhi too gets a love letter for Naren. Pooja sees Surbhi and turns to go back. She stumbles and falls down the stairs, but Naren holds Pooja in time. Naren saves Pooja. Pooja realizes Naren’s attention was on her, when Surbhi was with him. She gets hope that Naren loves her.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aruTznZxO7A]


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