Veer to rescue Sanchi in Savitri Devi…

troubles for sanchi

Sanchi gets troubled by the goons. Veer tries to help her. Veer and Sanchi hide in the garage. The garage owner sees them and asks are they thieves. Sanchi says we are not thieves. Veer says we did not get a place to romance. The man scolds them for spoiling the generation. He asks them not just leave. Veer asks him not to high his BP and cool down. Veer and Sanchi leave.

Veer tells Sanchi that just he has a right to tease her, no one else, if anyone teases her, he will not leave them. He is much hurt. Sanchi does the aid to him and asks why did he fight with four goons alone. Veer says I would have fought with them, but they have hit on my head from behind. She worries seeing the wound bleeding. He has much ache and still keeps flirting. Sanchi does his dressing.



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