Buamaa succeeds in her first move in Dil Boley Oberoi


Bhavya hits the dart at bull’s eye and surprises Rudra. Bhavya makes Rudra away. Rudra sings a romantic song for Bhavya. She gets hurt, while he cares for her wound. Bhavya misses her family. She just wants to focus on her goals. She gets distracted by Rudra. She does not want to fall in love with Rudra. She behaves rudely with Rudra and asks him to just stay away from her. She asks him why does he come close to her by any excuse. She does not like his behavior. Rudra gets hurt by her words. She tells him that she does not want to forget her life’s aim. He yells on her for thinking nonsense. He tells her that his life is not aimless, he just did all this to show his friends that they are really married. He wanted to drop her to room. She asks him to leave. He tells her about the risk. She does not take his help. The goons try to attack Rudra and Bhavya.

Gauri decides to keep Buamaa away from Omkara and guard him all the time. Buamaa spikes the juice by adding the herbs. Gauri tries to stop Buamaa. She fails as Omkara catches the glass in time. Buamaa wishes Omkara drinks it. Gauri tries to tell Omkara that Buamaa added poison in the juice. Omkara does not believe Gauri and finishes the juice at once. Omkara faints after having the juice. He then gets affected by the herbs and romances with Gauri. Gauri finds his behavior strange.


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