Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai marks its closure


Abhimanyu and Aditya’s twin brother bond gets known. Aditya was abandoned by Bhavani Singh after his birth, when the pandit tells Bhavani about Aditya’s bad luck. Aditya takes revenge from Bhavani Singh and kills him, after Kalyani gets stabbed while saving Aditya. Aditya sees his mother dying and gets more revengeful against Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu lands in hospital because of Aditya. Aditya reaches Rishabh’s haveli to take Gitanjali along.

Rishabh tells Gitanjali the truth of Ragini’s death. He tells his saddening love story. Gitanjali gets angry knowing Rishabh took revenge from Ragini for keeping his promise to his dad. She asks him why is he saying that he knows the true meaning of love. Rishabh explains how he has lost everything to be a dutiful son. Rishabh misses Ragini and his child. Gitanjali and Rishabh come to know Priyam is Rishabh and Ragini’s son, who was raised by Aditya. Aditya has used Priyam in his revenge motives as well. Gitanjali tells Rishabh that he does not know what love means and he does not even love his sister. Rishabh tells Gitanjali that she means his world. Aditya sees them arguing and kidnaps Priyam, asking Gitanjali to come along if she wants Priyam.

Gitanjali asks Aditya to leave Priyam, she is ready to come with him. Rajveer reaches the haveli with the police. Aditya gets caught by police. Aditya takes the gun to kill Gitanjali, getting mad in anger. He shoots at Gitanjali. Rishabh comes in between and gets shot, while saving Gitanjali. Gitanjali shouts for Rishabh. She shoots Aditya down. Rishabh falls in Gitanjali’s lap. Gitanjali cries for Rishabh’s death. Aditya dies by Gitanjali’s hand. Gitanjali and Abhimanyu will be uniting, as the show marks the end.


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