Ishwari’s new bond with Sonakshi in Kuch Rang…


Ishwari meets Asha and Bijoy. She gets Dev’s proposal and wants to make Sonakshi her bahu. She asks Sonakshi’s parents to accept the alliance. Ishwari tells Bijoy that Dev and Sonakshi have chosen themselves again. She wants to take her friend and daughter, Sonakshi with her as her bahu. She asks them to agree to her request. Bijoy asks Asha to get sweets and feed Ishwari, signing he is ready for the alliance. Ishwari thanks them. She assures them that she will mend all the broken relations.

Sonakshi and Dev are uniting. Ishwari meets Sonakshi. She shares her heart out. She apologizes to Sonakshi. She says I don’t want to hide anything from you, I want to get you home soon. Sonakshi tells Ishwari that she wants some to do all marriage rasams with all her heart. She wants to take some time and make her relation with Dev perfect. Sonakshi will be seen in a new avatar now.


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