Kartik’s cute surprise pleases Naira in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Tonight Akshara connects Kartik and Naira

Kartik tries to make Naira feel special. He takes her to a restaurant where Naira gets a special surprise. He makes her meet Naitik and celebrate father’s day. Naira asks Naitik how did he come here. Naitik says Kartik called me here. She asks why. Kartik says its father’s day, you were busy in work, so I thought to plan this, he is my dad too. He asks them to spend time and calls Naira lucky to have a father like Naitik. He does not want to stay in their moment and go. Naitik says I have a double relation with you, that of a son and son-in-law. Kartik says no, I don’t want to disturb.

Naira and Naitik have much talk and also promise to always support each other in every birth. Naitik says if someone has a daughter like Naira, the person can celebrate father’s day every day. Naira tells she loves her dad a lot. Kartik’s suprise was very cute. It really meant a lot to both Naira and Naitik. Kartik has realized Naira wanted to spend time with Naitik and could not talk to him. Kartik gives her some relieving time. Naira feels much happy and thanks Naitik for always being there. Naitik and Naira’s unbreakable relation will be seen.


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