Naira to perfect both her roles in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira gets the Mahabhoj food burnt. She didn’t know about kids trying to help her and burning the food. Dadi taunts Naira for failing in the work. The kids accept their mistake for putting the stove on high flame. Surekha scolds them. Dadi says whoever mistake it be, but what will we feed the brahmans. She thinks to apologize to them for keeping them hungry and sending them back. Naira has to win Dadi’s trust and also fulfill Akshara’s dream. Naira apologizes and asks Dadi to give her just 15 mins.

Naira recalls Akshara’s inspiring words. She wants to do her roles of a bahu and daughter well. Naira cooks the food again. She drops the hot oil on her foot by mistake. Her foot gets burnt. She screams. She does not tell anything about her burn wound. She tolerates all the pain and cooks the food in the given time. Naira does the task well. She did not wish Kartik to come between her and Dadi. Kartik tries to help Naira. Naira serves the food to Brahmans and conducts the Maha bhoj well. How will Naira win the competition by performing best with her injured foot? Keep reading.

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