Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Surbhi marries Varun. Harman blesses the couple. Preeto and Harak welcome the newly weds home. Preeto does the aarti. Surbhi’s grahpravesh happens. Varun refuses for grahpravesh when Preeto asks them to come inside the house. It’s a shock for Preeto. Preeto wants Surbhi to come home, else her planning will fail. Varun says we will stay in some other house. Surbhi does not know what is Varun doing. Varun is madly in love with Surbhi. He does not want Preeto to use Surbhi in breaking Harman and Preeto. Preeto wants Surbhi to stay in Singh house, so that the family politics trouble Soumya.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Tina asks Lovely to make the pumpkin dish for her as she used to make her in childhood. She tricks Lovely to test her if she is really her mum or not. Lovely tells her that she will cook the dish for lunch. Lovely troubles Dolly again. Dolly gets her head stuck inside a huge pumpkin. Dolly asks Samar to save her. Samar cuts the pumpkin and gets Dolly free. Dolly sighs relief. Vasundara asks Dolly how did pumpkin fall on her head. Dolly tells them that she was buying the pumpkin for Samar. Lovely takes revenge from Dolly and puts the pumpkin on Dolly’s head. Lovely gets saved from making the pumpkin dish.

Dil Se Dil Tak and Swabhimaan:

There is much drama in the integration episode. All the characters club catches in a hotel, which accidentally catches fire. Shorvori shouts for Parth. She does not find any way to contact Parth. She realizes there is some big problem surrounding Parth. Teni learns Parth is stuck in the hotel. She says it means my dream was true, it was fate that my phone swapped with Naina. Shorvori and Naina’s misunderstandings will get cleared in this episode. Parth saves Naina and gets her out of the hotel. Karan, Shorvori and Teni get relieved seeing Parth and Naina safe.

Sasural Simar Ka:

A thief catches Ananya at the point of the knife. He asks Aarav and everyone to stay away. He threatens them and wants to take everything he robbed. Simar uses her smartness. She flashes the mirror light on the thief and troubles him. The thief gets caught by Aarav. The thief manages to run away. Ananya tells everyone that Roshni has called this fridge mechanic, she did not check the ID and gave entry inside the house. Roshni apologizes to Ananya. Ananya says a small sorry won’t help, my life was in risk, Roshni should have common sense and not risk other’s life. Roshni and Simar explain Ananya and apologize. Ananya hugs Roshni. Pari and Khushi called the thief instead mechanic. How will Ananya and Roshni’s misunderstandings get clear?


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