Treasure hunt fun for Neil-Avni in Naamkarann


Avni gets a bad dream and murmurs in sleep. Neil finds her disturbed and sits by her side. Avni holds Neil’s hand and sleeps. Neil sleeps down the bed. Avni wakes up and sees Neil. She tries to get her hand free. Neil wakes up by her pull. Neil jokes its a policeman’s grip and won’t get free so easily. He tells Avni that he did not do anything, maybe he has seen some bad dream. He promises of taking care of her.

Bebe keeps a treasure hunt competition at home. Bebe tries to get some tension free moments for the family. She thinks the game will bring Neil and Avni closer. Neil and Avni make a team, while Prakash and Shweta are their competitors. Bebe gives them clues and asks them to work fast to become winners. Neil and Avni read the clues and try to solve the riddles. Bebe announces the prizes for the winners. Shweta does not want Avni to win. She eyes the ancestral earrings which Bebe never gave her till now. Shweta wins the competition by cheating, and gets the gold earrings by Bebe. Avni is happy to bring Bebe and Shweta together. Neil feels proud of Avni, to get back and make Shweta win the game.


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