Panicky moment for Naira in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Suwarna makes Naira ready for the dance performance. Naira gets glad and feels like Akshara is with her. Naira cries and thanks Suwarna for her love. They have a mother-daughter moment being a Saas-Bahu. Naira hugs Suwarna and gets too emotional. Suwarna blesses her. She makes Naira look stunning. Kartik sees Suwarna with Naira and gets angry. But, his anger goes seeing Naira looking pretty. He does not want Naira to meet Suwarna much. Naira hugs Kartik. He wishes her all the best. Kiran comes there to call Naira. Kartik controls his emotions and does not want to repeat his mistake. Kartik sends Naira for the dance.

Naira performs solo dance on the stage and falls down. She gets hurt. Kartik lifts her in arms and takes her to green room. Kartik says you were rehearsing every day, but rest was also necessary. Naira cries and tells him that everything will go wrong. Her foot is burnt and she has hidden this matter from everyone, knowing Kartik and family will stop her from performing. Kartik says I had doubt that something really happened, you have worked hard. He makes her rest. Naira is much worried. He asks her not to stand up, nothing wrong happened. She is not able to walk well, but has one thing in mind, that’s to fulfill her dreams.


Kartik gets to see her burn and applies the ointment. He feeds her the glucose. He asks her how did she perform with the burn wound. Naira has fallen at the end of the performance. She is fearing that she will not win in the competition. He asks her not to panic and stop crying, everything will get fine. He hugs Naira and consoles her. She says my mum’s dream will not get completed. Kartik supports her. He is an ideal husband. He encourages Naira to believe in herself. Naira has to perform in the couple dance as well. Naitik calls Naira to ask about her state. Naitik asks her to give her best in the duet round. Naira hopes she performs well with Kiran.


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