Business competition to shaken up relations in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi argues with Raman for talking badly with Aaliya all the time. Raman asks Adi how can he see anyone talking badly with Ishita. Adi tells Raman that he has answered the investor. He shouts on Raman for having dual policy and blaming others always. Raman gets angered on Adi for having business with a wrong man. Adi clarifies himself. Raman shows the mirror to Adi. Adi refuses to work with Raman. He challenges Raman that he will do his own business and take his own decisions. Ishita asks Adi how can he say this to Raman. Adi holds Ishita responsible for all the drama. Aaliya sides with Adi.

The relations start suffering because of business. Ruhi feels worried seeing everyone fighting at home. Roshni tells her that little fights are positive, all the anger and complains come out. She asks Ruhi not to worry for anyone. They all look forward to celebrate Mr. Bhalla’s birthday. Aaliya takes an opinion from Shagun. Shagun asks her to support Adi. Ishita and Raman decide to leave Adi and Aaliya on their own now. Ishita understands that Adi will not change by their saying, he can just learn from his mistakes now. Raman does not want Adi and Aaliya to come in the party. Adi joins in the party and celebrates the birthday. Adi and Raman can’t stand each other’s presence in the party.


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