Karan convinces Naina to return in Swabhimaan


Karan has convinced Naina to come back home. Naina has returned to Chauhan mansion. Meghna and Naina talk to Sharda on video call. Naina tells Sharda that she has come back on Karan’s insistence. Karan joins them and tells Sharda that he is very happy and feels like his life is good, like he is absolutely fine. Meghna says you have to feel good as your Naina is here. Naina is also happy that Karan wanted her to come back.

Naina was touched by Karan’s emotional words. Karan asked Naina to make him fine and help me get rid of his illness and fears. His emotional speech has made Naina’s heart melt. She did not expect Karan to do this. She was surprised that Karan wanted her back in his life. Naina is given the challenge to make Karan fine in 15 days. Naina says Karan can get fine if he wills to get fine by heart, he should be mentally strong to deal with his illness, then nothing can stop him. Naina is sure that she can make Karan fine soon.


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