Suraj to consume poison in Udaan


Suraj asks Chakor not to drink the water, it contains poison. Chakor asks him why is he fooling her, if he gets fun to trouble her, who would know her in Lucknow that they would attempt to kill her. Suraj asks her to believe him and throw the glass. Chakor tells Suraj that she does not trust him anymore. She says I have proved you that I don’t need love and concern of a drunkard and fraud man like you. Suraj snatches the glass and says I will not let you drink this poison, if I have to prove myself, I will drink this poison and show you, I really feel this water contains poison. He says if this has poison, I will die in front of you and prove my love. He drinks the poisoned water and falls unconscious. Chakor gets a shock of her life and shouts to him to open eyes and see her. Suraj does not respond. Chakor gets too worried for Suraj.

Ragini’s goon has poisoned Chakor. Chakor was trying to find about the raw materials supplied to the gun factory. She was given the poisoned water, about which Suraj got to know. Suraj stopped Chakor and lifted her to take her away from the supplier officer. Chakor did not go with him and insisted to have water. Chakor’s adamancy led to Suraj’s life falling in danger. Ragini celebrates Chakor’s death, knowing the news by her informer. What will Chakor do now? Keep reading.


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