Naamkarann – A clue for Avni


Bebe angrily makes the maid kick out Dayavanti from the house. Dayavanti falls down on the ground. Avni goes to help her out. Avni and Dayavanti get into an argument. Dayavanti raises a hand on Avni. Avni stops her from doing wrong. Avni asks her to realize whom is she facing now and not repeat her mistake. Avni says you have let me alive and that’s your mistake, your life will be ruined by my hands now. Dayavanti says whose fate is good between us, time will prove this. Avni is ahead in planning. She tells Dayavanti that she will always be two steps ahead in the planning, and fail Dayavanti.

Later, Neil and Avni have a sweet argument. Neil orders her to get a coffee for him. Avni throws the coffee on Neil. Neil moves and coffee falls on her dress. She asks him to see how she throws coffee on him right way next time if he commands her. They have a pillow fight. Avni gets angry on him. They have a romantic moment. Avni tells Neil that Ashish always broke her trust and now she will not trust Ashish ever. Neil wants to know how Ashish has disappeared suddenly. Neil takes her to Ashish’s room having hope that they will get some clue about Ashish. They check the things in Ashish’s room. They find something Ashish has been hiding since 15 years. Neil and Avni will be finding a strong clue in Ashish’s room. Will they find Ashish? Keep reading.


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