Adi and Aaliya upset the family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Everyone celebrate Mr. Bhalla’s birthday. They don’t invite Adi and Aaliya. Aaliya turns too upset. Adi and Aaliya join them. Adi passes a taunt at Raman. Things begin to change at home. Aaliya stats rude towards Raman and Ishita. Aaliya takes Adi’s breakfast to the room. Romi explains Adi not to sign the contract with the new investor. Adi chooses to sign the new deal and goes against Raman. Adi’s client informs Ashok about their plan working well. Ashok likes to play the game by dividing Raman and Adi.

Mrs. Bhalla gets to know what happened at home between Raman and Adi. Ishita shares her concerns. The family plans a surprise birthday party for Mr. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya not to do any drama in the party. Ruhi tries to lessen Raman’s stress. She asks him to leave the matter in her hands. Ruhi promises to make things fine. She asks him not to take any reckless decision. Mrs. Bhalla fears for the terms getting bad between Raman-Adi and Ishita-Aaliya. Aaliya starts feeling Shagun is right about Bhallas. Aaliya tries to manage all the party arrangements well, so that no one complains. Aaliya fails to keep up things as planned. Raman gets angry on Aaliya. Adi and Raman get into an argument again.


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