Harman to raise a voice for justice in Shakti


Varun shocks the family. Preeto planned to get Varun and Surbhi married. Varun tells Preeto his decision to live separately. Preeto’s plan fails. She did not know Varun will do this. Varun wants to secure Surbhi’s future. Meanwhile, Harman reaches kinner’s house to help them. He tries to help the kinners. He tells I was passing by on the road, that kinner blessed me, then next moment, I heard her screaming and running away, I have witnessed the entire thing, I have seen her murder, she took her last breath in my lap, you all should lodge a police complaint and file the case against the man who killed her, I can help you all, you can keep this money for help.

The kinners refuse to file the police case. The kinner tells him that none will listen to them, there is no one ready to help them, they don’t have sufficient funds to raise a voice for justice. She asks Harman to go and roam around court if he has time and money, they don’t want to do anything. Harman explains kinners that someone can kill any one of them again, they have to take some initiative to stop the injustice and tortures. The kinners refuse to him and make him leave from the house. Harman decides to fight for justice alone.



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