Anika and Shivay miss their togetherness in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay think of each other and miss out the happy moments in their lives. Anika goes for job interviews. Pinky blames Anika for Shivay’s state. Jhanvi blames Pinky for all the bad happenings. She asks Pinky to think of Shivay’s good once. She finds Pinky too much egoistic. Pinky gets adamant on her decision. Shivay leaves for work. Dadi realizes how heartbroken he is. Anika fails to get the job. Her job search goes on.

Ragini lays a trap for Shivay. She applies the color to show fake wounds. Ragini comes in front of Shivay’s car and collapses. Kamini troubles Priyanka. Priyanka cries by bearing Kamini’s tortures. Ranveer asks Kamini not to trouble Priyanka. Kamini holds Priyana responsible for snatching Ranveer from her. She asks Priyanka to leave from the house. Ranveer decides to leave the house as well.

Anika gets a call from a company. She gets selected for the job. Anika decides to move on in life and make her new identity. Kamini begs Ranveer not to leave her. She asks Ranveer to prove it that her insecurities are wrong. Ranveer tells her that Kamini stills means everything to him. Kamini apologizes to Priyanka. Ranveer and Priyanka stay back. Kamini worries that Ranveer is really falling for Priyanka. She does not like Ranveer acting as a shield. She plans to trouble Priyanka in Ranveer’s absence. Pinky decides to find a nice girl for Shivay. Shivay gets injured Ragini home.


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