Chakor’s love to revive Suraj in Udaan

chakor udaan

Suraj finds Chakor jealous and troubles her more. Suraj’s friend tells her that Suraj has changed a lot after Chakor came in his life. Chakor too realizes Suraj’s love, but stays angry. Imli calls up Suraj and tells about the danger on Chakor’s life. Suraj assures Imli that he will protect Chakor from all the dangers, nothing will happen to Chakor. Chakor goes to meet Ragini’s aide, who attempts to get her killed. Suraj attempts to stop Chakor from drinking the poisoned water. Kasturi and Tejaswini worry for Suraj and Chakor.

Suraj gets admitted in the hospital. Doctors treat him. Chakor prays for Suraj’s life. Doctor informs Chakor that Suraj is losing his breath. Chakor gets a huge shock hearing this. Chakor asks doctor what happened to Suraj. She asks Suraj to open his eyes, she loves him a lot. She sheds tears and can’t see the death shadow over him. Doctor asks her to leave from the ICU and let them do their work. Doctor tries to give cardiac shocks and revive Suraj. Suraj does not respond which makes her much worried. He sadly announces Suraj dead. Chakor shatters seeing Suraj. Doctor loses hope of Suraj’s revival and leaves.

Chakor promises Suraj that she will never leave him, she will always stay with him. She asks him why did he drink the poisoned water to prove his love, she already knows he loves her a lot. She admits her love. Suraj has drunk the poison to save Chakor from death. Chakor’s love confession falls in his ear, which brings him back to life. Chakor believes Suraj’s love is true. Chakor apologizes to Suraj for her bad behavior. She tells him that she got to know that he is not the father of Imli’s child. She hugs Suraj and cries. Suraj gets happiness back in his life. Chakor and Suraj will be seen together again.


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