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Jaat Ki Jugni: Munni is worried thinking of the drunken incident. She recalls what all she told Bittu when she was drunk. Jyoti shows her the dresses she has shopped for marriage. Munni is lost in her worries. Jyoti asks her if anything is disturbing her. Munni does not tell her anything. Munni has gone away from Bittu. Her memories are troubling him. Bittu gets drunk and comes home. He sees Munni’s photo and confesses his love to her. Bittu sheds tears. He thinks he can never meet Munni now. Munni calls him the next morning and asks him to meet her at the temple. Bittu tells his mum that Munni called him at the temple and he wants to meet her.

Piya Albela:

Naren does a puja along with his family. Everyone become part of the puja, which is kept for his birthday. Naren does the aarti with Surbhi. Pooja and Surbhi love Naren. They both want to tell their feelings to Naren. Naren gets informed about his and Surbhi’s marriage. Naren asks Harish what is he hiding. Harish tells Naren that he has a surprise for him. Naren’s dad Harish announces that Naren will marry Surbhi. Naren argues with him and says he does not love Surbhi. The family drama turns serious, when the house division topic arises. Surbhi feels insecure by Pooja and clears that she has more right on Naren.

Virendra wants to take Chandrakanta to his mum, to make them meet and try to figure out the murderer of Surendra. Chandrakanta diverts Kroor Singh and fools him by her words, to escape from the palace.


Dayavanti meets Avni and addresses her as Avni, instead Ananya. She points a gun at her and threatens to kill her. She confirms Avni’s identity by checking the bullet mark. Avni faces her fearlessly and challenges Dayavanti to shoot her.


Naina has come back home finally. This led to a huge drama in Chauhan house. Nandkishore tells Naina that she did not come back as Karan’s wife, but as Karan’s nurse. He keeps a condition in front of her. He gets a calendar and marks the date. He says within 15 days, Naina will be making Karan fine, if she fails then she will silently leave from this house. He says Naina can stay as Karan’s wife only if Karan gets fine, till then she will be staying in guest room. Naina has belief that she can cure Karan. Karan too is determined to get fine and help Naina in her attempts.


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