Goenkas find a reason to celebrate in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira try to convince Dadi. Dadi is annoyed as Kartik had hurt her heart. She does not want Kartik to support Naira over his family. Naira apologizes to Dadi, for not mentioning about Kiran well to her. She tells Dadi that she did not wish to cheat her. Kartik asks Dadi not to get angry, as she can get unwell. Three generations have different thinking and ideologies. Dadi does not like Naira’s dancing. Kartik says it was not bad, it was just a simple dance. Naira asks Dadi to make some special sweets for Kartik and her. Dadi tries to ignore Naira. Naira asks Kartik not to come between Dadi and her.

Kartik knows how to convince Dadi. Kartik and Naira pray along with Dadi. They get Dadi’s blessings and get glad. Dadi tells Kartik that she does not get angry on him, but she can’t bear Kartik’s misunderstanding about her. Manish gets the good news that the investors agreed for the merger, it’s all because of Kartik. He tells Dadi about the new project. He thanks Kartik for his superb presentation and hard work. Dadi gets glad and forgives Kartik. Manish says everything will be fine now, I have kept a party at home in evening. Goenkas prepare to celebrate their new success.


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