Kartik to perform with Naira in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi scolds Kiran and upsets him. Kiran refuses to perform with Naira and walks out of the venue. Naira is left with no partner. Naira dances alone on the stage. Kartik joins her and takes Kiran’s place. Kartik performs with Naira in the duet round to make her win the competition. Dadi gets angry with Kartik seeing him dance with Naira. She feels Kartik and Naira spoiled their family reputation. She says I was called as chief guest at the function, I have earned a lot of respect, I don’t want to lose anything because of Naira. Kartik could not bear anything against Naira. He says Dadi is wrong this time. Manish asks Kartik how dare hetalk rudely with his mum. Kartik asks Manish not to interfere between them.

Manish says I have to interfere if its about my mum. Dadi cries seeing Kartik’s rudeness and says I will not interfere in your work. Dadi feels insulted and much hurt. Kartik, Dadi and Manish have an argument because of Naira. Dadi comments on Naira’s talents and art. Kartik gets angry and fights with Dadi, asking her not to say anything to Naira. Manish gets angry seeing Kartik arguing with Dadi. Manish asks Kartik to stay in his limits. Dadi holds Naira responsible for breaking father-son’s growing bond.


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