Roshni to face Mata ji’s wrath in Sasural Simar Ka


Mata ji calls the NGO women to give them donation. Mata ji asks Roshni to get the cheque book. Mata ji is about to sign on the donation cheque, but Roshni stops her. Roshni goes through a newspaper and sees the NGO scam, who dupes people. Roshni stops Mata ji from giving the donation to fraud people, saying it will be encouragement for such duping people. She tells Mata ji that these women are fraud and greedy, they are trying to loot money from us, we think they are good people serving the society, they are wrong people. She asks the women not to act. Roshni insults those women. Roshni shows the newspaper. The woman says it’s all a lie. Mata ji had to face embarrassment because of Roshni.

There is high drama. Media has come to Bharadwaj house. The NGO women tell Mata ji that they have spent their lives to give happiness to children and women, by leaving their own houses, how can Roshni speak against them. The woman tells Roshni that they have come from a real NGO and proves her words. Roshni feels guilty and apologizes to the women. The women get annoyed and leave from the house along with the media. Mata ji yells on Roshni for such a big mistake. It was Ananya’s plan to fool Roshni and make her fall in Mata’s eyes. Roshni loses to Ananya in this move.


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