Aaliya to confront Raman-Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman Ishita pop a smart strategy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Aaliya waits for Shagun and Mani throughout the party. She gets busy in seeing the arrangements. Ishita fails to check about Shagun’s arrival. Aaliya does not find Shagun and Mani’s name in the guest list. The family parties and dances together. Aaliya gets cornered and feels sorrowful by the biasing happening. She leaves from the party. Ishita and everyone try to find Aaliya. Aaliya does not tell Adi that she is leaving. Everyone comes home, and wait for Aaliya. Ishita asks them why Shagun and Mani did not come in the party. Raman does not know why they did not turn up. Ishita says maybe Aaliya went to meet them.

Ishita goes to meet Mani and asks for Aaliya. Mani tells Ishita that Shagun has gone for NGO work. Ishita asks Mani why did they not come in the family function. Mani realizes it was not Ishita’s mistake to cancel their invite. Mani tells her that Aaliya is not here. Ishita goes to find Aaliya. Ishita informs Adi that Aaliya is not at Mani’s place. Aaliya comes home in a drunken state and confronts Raman and Ishita for not inviting her parents in the party. She asks them about being partial with a daughter in law.


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