Bhallas to celebrate unity in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman gives a wonderful speech for Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Iyer finds a great friend in Mr. Bhalla. Whle the family finds Mr. Bhalla a great human being, who has set examples for all the fathers and fathers in law. Everyone speak good about him. Adi finds himself lonely. Adi too congratulates Mr. Bhalla for being an amazing grandfather. Mr. Bhalla’s calm and composed nature is loved by everyone. Raman and Ishita perform in the party. Mr. Bhalla cuts the cake with his better half. Aaliya learns Mani did not get the invitation from Bhalla family. Mani tries to lie to her to keep things fine.

Aaliya realizes Ishita has not invited her parents intentionally. Her mood spoils. Aaliya gets angry on Bhallas. Mani asks her not to lose her cool for a small thing. Aaliya goes to check guest list. Mr. Bhalla finds Raman and Adi’s annoyance. He gets to know the complete matter from Mr. Iyer. He decides to talk to them. Mr. Bhalla becomes the peacemaker and finds a nice way to bring Raman and Adi together. He tells them that family is incomplete without them. He asks them to talk and sort out the differences. Raman and Adi bond to keep up Mr. Bhalla’s heart. Ishita gets glad to see her family united.


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