Omkara to get Gauri arrested in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri believes the medicine can make Omkara fine. Tej does not believe her. He asks her from where did she get the injection. He does not allow Gauri to try random things on Omkara. Rudra says it can be any medicine. Gauri asks them to believe her, she wants Omkara’s betterment. They all ask her to leave. Gauri takes a step and injects the medicine to Omkara, while the family stops her. To their shock, Omkara stops breathing for a while. The family fears that they have lost Omkara forever. Jhanvi reprimands Gauri for killing Omkara.

Buamaa gets raged and slaps Gauri for her move. She gets mad as her son can never come back now. She asks Tej to call police. Gauri faces the family’s rage. Gauri cries in shock. Everyone cry for Omkara. Gauri prays for Omkara’s life. Omkara takes a breath and comes back to life. The family gets relieved seeing Omkara conscious and fine. Omkara asks for Shivay. Rudra goes to call up Shivay. Jhanvi thanks Gauri for giving a life to Omkara and apologizes for misunderstanding her.

Omkara misunderstands Gauri that she was trying to kill Buamaa in the pool. He hates Gauri even more. Buamaa asks Gauri to get out of the house. Gauri faints. Jhanvi takes care of her. Police comes to arrest Gauri for attempt to murder charges. Inspector tells them that Omkara has filed the complaint against Gauri. Omkara tells the family how Gauri tried to kill Buamaa. None believes Omkara’s accusations. Buamaa stops Omkara from this step.

She tells Omkara that Gauri is innocent, she did not do anything. She gets mistaken and tells Omkara that Gauri is pregnant with his child. The family gets a surprise by the good news. Gauri planned the mock pregnancy to stick around Omkara and protect him from Buamaa. Buamaa congratulates Gauri and falls in her trap, hoping her Ratan will come back. Omkara realizes Gauri has lied to family again. He gets angry on her for the pregnancy drama.


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