Kamini to torture Priyanka in Ishqbaaz


Shivay comes to meet Omkara. The brothers bond emotionally. Shivay asks Omkara to wake up from coma and talk to him. He does not want to let Omkara go. He assures Rudra that he will do anything to get Omkara back. Anika calls up Gauri to know about Omkara. She worriedly calls home and hears Anika. They have a moment of finding solace. Shivay calls a top doctor for Omkara’s treatment.

Ranveer comes back from his training. Priyanka hides about Kamini’s tortures. Ranveer finds Priyanka in trouble. Priyanka lies to him that she got emotional seeing him after a long time. Kamini acts as a good Saas in front of Ranveer. Ranveer sees Kamini hurt and worries for her. Kamini plans to put the blame on Priyanka. Kamini lies to Ranveer and tells him that she was unwell. Priyanka tells Ranveer that Kamini did not tell her about her health. Kamini tortures Priyanka. Priyanka stays strong. Ranveer romances Priyanka. Kamini plans a drama to break their romance. Rudra finds Bhavya. He gets glad to see her alive. Rudra does Bhavya’s aid. She gives him the explanation how she was missing for three months. She tells him how she got kidnapped. Rudra learns Bhavya was shot.


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